Creating a Bar Soap Resist

Explore positive and negative space

The term “resist” is used in many areas of art. Resist is a substance that is applied to areas of an object to create a pattern or image. Using a resist technique protects these parts from being affected by subsequent stages in the art process. When the resist is removed it will reveal the negative space. In this lesson plan, bar soap is used as the resist medium on black canvas. When the canvas is washed to remove the soap, and the black is revealed, it enhances the overall design.

Webinar Objectives:

Participants will...

  • Explore their understanding of positive and negative space by experimenting with and using bar soap as a resist to block in their designs.
  • Experiment with a non traditional product on canvas. The non tradition product used is Crayola Color Sticks on Tara Black Canvas pads.
  • Create a drawing/design using Crayola Color Sticks on Black canvas using soap as the resist medium.

Your Instructor

Mary Reilly
Mary Reilly

Mary Reilly received her BA with an emphasis in textile design from Mount Mary University in Wisconsin. She studied at the Wetterhoff Institute of Craft and Design in Hämeenlinna, Finland, as well as took numerous post-graduate courses in fine arts. Mary has over 15 years’ experience with Sax Arts & Crafts, developing and shaping a national team of Art Consultants who have conducted art education and professional development workshops to elementary, middle, and high school art educators across the United States and Canada.

Other highlights of Mary’s career include:

  • Executive board member of the Council for Art Education, spearheading the national Youth Art Month celebration.
  • Member of the National Art Education Association and the Wisconsin Art Education Association.
  • Currently employed as the Subject Matter Expert for Sax / Art Division of School Specialty.
  • Presenter at art education workshops throughout the country on a wide variety of art mediums and techniques.

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  Creating A Bar Soap Resist
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