Beyond the Playground: Creating Outdoor Learning Opportunities

Using the outdoors as a primary learning environment

Over the past few decades, children's experience in outdoor settings has greatly decreased. Children can greatly benefit from increased time in outdoor learning environments, both developmentally and emotionally. We will begin to develop a nature mindset as we look at factors that have decreased children's time outdoors. Additionally, we will explore principles of outdoor learning environments and provide strategies on how educators can increase the opportunities they provide for children outside.

Webinar Objectives

After completing this course, participants will be able to...

  • Realize the benefits when children learn outside.
  • Understand the principles of outdoor learning and how they can be applied at their location.

Your Instructor

Janet Henry
Janet Henry

Janet holds a BS from Texas Christian University. She was a classroom educator for 33 years in both early childhood and special education settings. She has spent the last five years working as a professional development presenter and instructional coach in public, charter and parochial schools as well as in child development centers. Her areas of expertise include: Outdoor Learning and Nature Based Education, Classroom Environments, Anti-Bias Approach, Adult-Child Interactions, Instructional Strategies for Children with Diverse Needs, Classroom Routines, Transitions and Procedures, Building Leadership with Early Childhood Administrators, Sensory Exploration, and Art Exploration.

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  Beyond the Playground: Creating Outdoor Learning Opportunities
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