Chemicals 101

Chemicals and Chemical Safety for the Classroom

Are you teaching Chemistry this year and need a quick refresher on Chemicals and how to store them? Want to update yourself on lab safety and how you should approach it in your science lab? In this quick 30-minute webinar, you will takeaway key snip-its of information about lab safety, purchasing and storing chemicals, and other simple technical information to make chemical purchasing easy.

Webinar Objectives

Upon completing this webinar, participants will learn...

  • the importance of lab safety and how to embed it into your chemistry classroom and program.
  • simple technical information to make chemical purchasing easy.
  • to store your chemicals in a safe and efficient manner.

Your Instructor

Alex Molinich & Naomi Hartl
Alex Molinich & Naomi Hartl

Alex Molinich is the President of Aldon Corporation for the last 9 years and has over 33 years’ experience in chemical and biological laboratory and manufacturing operations. He also has over 25 years of experience in Environmental, Health Safety and Security for labs. Alex was a safety editor for Holt Rinehart and Winston and has written a laboratory safety manual for schools. Alex also serves on the Board of Directors for the Rochester Section of the American Chemical Society and is the Chair of the Hands-On Science Partnership.

Naomi Hartl has a passion for education and all things tech infused. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Bachelor of Education, where she majored in physical education and minored in biology. She has taught a wide variety of subject areas which include mathematics, biology, practical and applied arts, career guidance, and health and physical education. She started out teaching in her home province of Saskatchewan, Canada and then relocated to Oregon, USA to work with School Specialty. Working with School Specialty has allowed her to pursue her dream of making a difference in the lives of teachers and students by creating safe and successful learning environments. Naomi is the STEM Subject Matter Expert for School Specialty.

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  Chemicals 101
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