Giving Students Agency Through Questioning Course

Teaching students to ask questions gives them agency and allows them participate more effectively in decisions that affect them.

Join this webinar to learn how to give students agency through questioning. We will discuss how to develop high-impact, open-ended, questions that result in student-inquiry. Learn how to facilitate student discussion and get your students to ask powerful questions to improve engagement and understanding in your programs.

Webinar Objectives

In this webinar, participants will be able to...

  • Learners will understand that all questions and activities must align with the standards and drive instruction in order for lesson objectives to be mastered.
  • Learners will understand how to facilitate learning so that students are passionate about participation and drive their desire to create the “cognitive lift”.
  • Learners will learn how to develop high-impact, open-ended, questions that result in student-inquiry.
  • Learners will be exposed to ideas and techniques that are applicable to their classroom instruction through real-world lesson plan examples.

Your Instructor

Naomi Hartl & Laura Nicole Hill
Naomi Hartl & Laura Nicole Hill

Naomi Hartl has a passion for education and all things tech infused. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Bachelor of Education, where she majored in physical education and minored in biology. She has taught a wide variety of subject areas which include mathematics, biology, practical and applied arts, career guidance, and health and physical education. She started out teaching in her home province of Saskatchewan, Canada and then relocated to Oregon, USA to work with School Specialty. Working with School Specialty has allowed her to pursue her dream of making a difference in the lives of teachers and students by creating safe and successful learning environments. Naomi is the STEM Subject Matter Expert for School Specialty.

Nicole has served within the field of education for 16 years as a classroom teacher, specialist, assistant principal, and principal. She is certified as an educator in the areas of EC-12 Principal, EC-8 Generalist, 8-12 English Language Arts, Reading, and Social Studies, EC-12 Special Education, EC-12 Gifted and Talented, and EC-12 English as a Second Language. Her school experience varies to include work with students in prekindergarten through 12th grade, both in Texas and Europe, and within communities that were each uniquely diverse in terms of their demographics, size, and campus needs. While serving in these roles she developed expertise in the areas of curriculum and instruction, professional development, and leadership.