Top 5 Safe Distancing Brain Boost Activities in the Classroom

Tried and true activities to get your students up and moving in the classroom in a safe space

Every teacher has moments during instruction when you look out and see your students need a bit of a boost. This course is geared for the classroom teacher or parent teaching at home to infuse some energy, movement and fun into your class with a brain boost or brain break. These are tried and true short activities designed for students to be in their own safe space and involve some academic content as well. Calming activities and ideas to refocus your students after these brain boosts will be shared as well.

Webinar Objectives

After completing this 30 minute webinar, participants will be able to...

  • Describe the importance of why children need to be physically active as part of their daily life.
  • Participants will experience activities and strategies to incorporate active movement into the classroom, while keeping safe distancing in mind.
  • Participants will learn to evaluate when it is appropriate to add active movement.

Your Instructor

Mike Smith
Mike Smith

Mike Smith, MA, received his BA in Kinesiology from the University of Northern Colorado, and his master’s degree in Sports Administration also from the University of Northern Colorado. He has 24 years in education and has taught at all levels including Higher Ed. His past experiences include being part of the Physical Education CADRE for the Colorado Department of Education and Welltrain. In addition, he has presented professional development with other organizations in the industry.He has presented over 120+ workshops on assessment, highly effective teaching, curriculum, social emotional learning, how to “set the hook” for learning, technology in physical education, active classroom and kinesthetic learning, and most recently a workshop on how to be a movement champion at your school.Mike is also a published author of journal articles for SHAPE Colorado and published a piece for the NSAA Journal on how to “Hook New Generations” of skiers and snowboarders to grow the sport.

Some highlights for Mike are that he has presented at the 2014 National SHAPE Conference in St. Louis, 2015 and 2016 National PE Institute in North Carolina, 2016 SHAPE Conference in Minneapolis, Colorado SHAPE conference numerous times,presented a webinar on the introduction of QR Codes into Physical Education, and Mike was recently awarded the 2015 Distinguished service award by SHAPE Colorado. He recently finished his 24th year of teaching and is currently an Adjunct Faculty member at the University of Northern Colorado and the Subject Matter Expert for Physical Education Health/Wellness for Sportime/School Specialty. Mike is an avid snowboarder and Mountain biker and currently resides in Colorado.

Course Curriculum

  Top 5 Safe Distancing Brain Boost Activities in the Classroom
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