Web-Based Programs and Apps to Support Coding with a Device!

Learning to code is not just for computer scientists!

Webinar Objectives:

Learning to code, much like learning a new language, opens doors to more creative projects and problem-solving skills. Giving students the chance to learn the logic and patterns of coding is a great way to introduce STEAM skills. There are many affordable apps and online programs that can be used to introduce foundational coding skills to students at all age levels. These programs are engaging, fun, and interactive! Join this webinar to check out these exciting web-based programs and apps to support coding with a device!

After completing this 30 minute webinar, participants will be able to…

  • Mythbusters - look at common misconceptions for students learning to code.
  • Discuss the benefits of coding and why students need to learn these skills at all age levels.
  • Review online programs that teach students and children how to code in a fun and meaningful way.

Your Instructor

Emily Johb
Emily Johb

Emily has over eight years of experience teaching multiple grades at the elementary level. She is currently teaching 4th grade at E’cole Traditions Elementary School in Warman, Saskatchewan, Canada.

She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a bachelor of education, where she majored in English and minored in Social Studies. Over the past two years, Emily has begun to integrate STEM and coding into her classroom courses. She feels that coding is the wave of the future and that all students should learn the necessary foundational skills throughout their K-12 education to support them in their future careers.

Course Curriculum

  Web-Based Programs and Apps to Support Coding with a Device!
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